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Services in Tender Response Documentation

Timecheck offers a comprehensive service to help clients improve their opportunities of increasing sales through successful tendering. Response to Tender Documents or an RFP (Request For Proposal) is often a stressful experience, particularly for SME's.

Timecheck can provide training in tender response techniques at clients own premises, can help to prepare a bid overview on a project by project basis, or can write the whole response document.

Among these services are:

  • Preparation of a bid response plan.
  • Assisting clients' staff with preparation of bid documents.
  • Preparation of a complete bid response using information provided by the client.
  • Analysis of tender result
  • Project management following a successful bid.


Correct presentation of a bid can dramatically increase the chances of success - without having the lowest outright price!


Tendering Experience 

Tim Colman has been successfully preparing Tender Response documentation for around 25 years and has a success rate of nearly 80%. In this period he has bid, or led bid teams, in around six hundred projects.

Experience includes response to Government Tenders on a National and International basis, application for funding or grant aid, Institutional Bids and of course bids for private sector projects. The value of successful bids ranges from around £5000 to nearly £600 million…….

Major experience includes:

  • Successful bids (100% record) for six Olympic projects
  • Successful bids into the International petrochemical market sector.
  • Successful bids into National and International Government funded projects
  • Successful bids for Grant Aid
  • Successful bids for products and services



Around 80% success rate in 600 projects over a 25 year period.

Project value ranging from £5000 to £600 million!


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